Those who suffer on hard benches. Also get rude remarks.

But surprisingly, they are the kindest, most understanding in the world. Because they want to know – what it is like to live a dream. Beggars, hobos or homeless; whatever you call them. They are just like us. People with souls, determination and courage. All of them have a past, some tragic and some happy. Life is unfair, unfair to them. They don’t get opportunities whereas we bathe in choices. Thousands live in dangerous, dark alleys. Very few of them have 4 walls, food and water. Lots die every year due to our selfishness, some people don’t get choices and others get things they don’t need. Snobby, filthy, ungrateful ‘citizens’ call them names. Insult them. Go as far as take from them. They have had unfortunate times that have led them to where they stand now. Very little percentage of the world donate, give or offer them life changing choices. One loaf of bread could be the nicest thing anyone has given them. They don’t want much, yet they need a lot more. Many people want them to get jobs. But who will give it? A recording label? No one gives them the chance to prove that they can change the world. People that use their intelligence to make bombs, guns and weapons don’t use they’re intelligence to cure cancer or any other diseases. Those with tattered clothes could give back to society more than we ever could! Celebrities get paid to go to charity events and blah, blah, blah but only about half of them actually go because they want to. Loads of people get discriminated for rubbish reasons, for example race, nationality, height, size, etc. If someone helps you, your natural instinct is to help him or her back. But some places say don’t give tips and all that. Beggars, hobos or homeless, they are just names. Sure a beggar is a person who lives by asking for money or food. A hobo is a person who is considered a tramp or vagrant. And a homeless person is a person without a home. In reality, we don’t see inside people so we cant say anything but humans are men or women distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance. Overall we are all the same.

Signing Off —————————————————————–



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