Diary Entry

Dear Online World…

I need to tell you a few things. They are very important, I promise you.

The world is changing. For the good or bad? I don’t know, you decide. What’s happening you ask? Nuclear rockets are being built, nuclear power plants are being built as well. Which is a problem. I am telling you. What if an earthquake hits near the nuclear power plants? What’s going to happen to the 7,451,970,670 people and the people being born instantly? Sure, we need electricity to communicate and research but we are going to end up killing ourselves.

Our nature is dying because of us. New Zealand’s Kea, the world’s only alpine parrot is under the threat of extinction because of farmers as they see them as pests. Conservationists have begun raising the alarm after years of “crashing” population numbers, with the wild Kea population estimated to be as low as 1,000-5,000. Trees are being cut down for paper, wood, gold, silver, etc (raw materials and mining). Less trees mean less oxygen which results in more deaths. People are already suffering from disorders, diseases, fevers, etc.


I would really appreciate hearing from you... (Even if it 1 letter)

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