In Bengali (the language from Bengal) Kolkata is spelt : কলকাতা / কোলকাতা

I was born here, in Dubai and am currently still here but I had 2 on and off years between Germany and Dubai. Despite the fact I am originally from Kolkata, India, I feel I am from Dubai only because I’ve spent most of my lifetime here.

Kolkata is in West Bengal, located on the east side of Hooghly river. as of 2015, the population of residents and tourists is 5,017,208.  The Port Of Kolkata is India’s oldest port and its sole major riverine port. Kolkata is a tropical wet and dry climate whereas the annual mean temperature is 26.8 °C.

The city is a very rich in culture with very amazing tourist attractions such as The Victoria Memorial, a very popular sight-seeing destination in Esclade (in Kolkata). There are also very good street markets and fairs in Garia Hart.There are a lot of random places on the street with graffiti art but all the graffiti art you see have a meaning.

There are many traditional foods but the one I crave the most is the dessert Mishti Doi. Puchka, a crunchy taco like food, instead round and  filled with a potato mix and sweet water is a very popular snack around the whole city. Mishti Doi is a sweet baked/steamed youghurt with a garnishing of saffron which is very yummy ❤.

The Sari is a fabric with sequins and hand sewn designs that is wrapped around the body over a cotton skirt and type of crop top blouse. Salwar Kameez is a long top with designs and sequins and tight tights with a scarf mostly made of silk. Men wear Kurta Pajama which is a long top with very loose Harem Pants.