Hi, I am Shrishti ( aka asiamgrowingup)

Thank you for taking your time and checking out my blog.

On this blog, I share with you a huge variety of posts .From DIY’s to my stories. It is so much fun writing here and making it feel like an online diary you can read.So I know that you read my blog, please comment on my blog posts. Obviously, I write my blog in my spare time and try to write as often as possible.Therefore, there wont be as many posts and detail as full-time bloggers have. So you don’t miss any of my posts please follow my blog. I love photography, quotes, fashion,reading and food, I am learning French, Spanish and Arabic and I can speak in English and Bengali. My first blog post is  on How I Started My Blog

I love One Direction, Little Mix, Rachel Platten & Youtube 🙂

Pinterest –  http://www.pinterest.com/ANIMALCRAZINESS/ -I post everything completely on animals – endangered animals, threatened animals(there are also facts on the animal) and there is a random section full of fashion, beauty & One Direction

Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/asiamgrowingup?ref=hl -Most of my blog updates

Instagram –  http://instagram.com/shrishtizitasaha -I post blog updates my personal life 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/asiamgrowingup – blog updates and my life

Thanks Simeon, Alanah, Fayrouz, Jai, Katie, Will, Maia and Aoife for being the best friends I could ask for.

Cheesy P.S Unicorn Day is every Sunday! ( invented by THE ONE & ONLY SHRISHTI !)


I would really appreciate hearing from you... (Even if it 1 letter)

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